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Frigid and Vicious

Frigid and Vicious

Additional Info

  • Title: The Frigid and the Vicious (La frígida y la viciosa)
  • Release date: 1981
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
  • Country: Spain
  • Director: Carlos Aured
  • Starring: Andrea Guzon, Sara Mora, Alfredo Calles
  • Language: Spanish
  • Length: 87 minutes

A married relationship in problems, her schedule will be changed considering the visual aspect on the wonderful lady, surely he could be disappointed simply by simply her living and by introducing the pair for all sorts of games and romantic strategies. By a proper develop at the start with this flick which usually incidentally is much more academic option to the typical manners connected with How to speak real " real Spanish" movie theater inside later 1970's, most people eventually identify the story plot: your married couple, gamed through Alfredo Calles plus Andrea Guzón, suffering from routine and also apathy, which unfortunately with all the introduction of your exterior component as well as unsettling (in cases like this, Sara Mora) will give you brand fresh inspiration in with the relationship.

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