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Additional Info

  • Title: Inga (Jag - en oskuld)
  • Release date: 1968
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
  • Country: Sweden, USA
  • Director: Joseph W. Sarno
  • Starring: Marie Liljedahl, Monica Str√∂mmerstedt, Thomas Ungewitter, Anne-Lise Myhrvold, Casten Lassen Else-Marie Brandt, Sissi Kaiser, Rose-Marie Nilsson, Curt Ericson, Lennart Norb√§ck, Lotta Persson, Anders Beling
  • Language: English
  • Length: 80 minutes

After her mother dies, seventeen year old Inga goes off to live with her attractive 30 something aunt Greta. Greta is sort of in a financial bind due to her young lover Karl, and his expensive ways. Greta schemes to sell of Inga's affections to a wealthy old man who likes 'em young but the entire plan fails when Inga hops in the sack with Karl and the two run off together. This leaves Greta broke, guy less and unhappy to say the least...

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